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Tech 911

  Christopher Dias is simply one of the best tech support people I have known. He is also what I call a high end audio/visual engineer whose expertise can be relied upon in any venue. He is one of the few engineers that speaks the artist's language. His internet/computer services are first rate. 



Sr. GM George Pesare

  Simeone George Pesare has been my karate instructor since 1977. He is the only instructor I've ever had. When I moved to RI it was a pretty tough place. Hard core. Old school. The street thugs who preyed upon innocents as well as each other paid the price if they crossed this guy. Most respected him. Those who crossed the line wound up being living testimonies to what happened when that line was crossed. The nastiest of the nasty didn't want to mess with him. This was the real deal. Respected all over the world. All of the cage fighting we see today can be traced back to guys like this who taught classes in self defense that made grown men audibly pray to God they could make it to the end of the class. The best decision I ever made was to walk into his school and become one of his students.






  Deborah Lopez is my photographer.  My head shots would not be of the quality they are were it not for her. I cannot say enough about this artist. I say artist because she is not just a photographer. She molds light, color, and sound into the best four-cornered representation of you that can be imagined. I had never been more at ease and confident than I was when I was shooting during our session. She helped me to understand where I fit in the big picture of the entertainment industry. A portfolio by her is an investment you won't regret.








  I first learned about Action Advisor at BigBreakNY, an entertainment industry resource center in New York. I attended a seminar there hosted by William Caleo, the chief consultant at Action Advisor. William provides a resource that I believe is invaluable to actors who are in need of some help in plotting a course through the sometimes confusing and daunting web of the entertainment industry. He is a passionate successful actor who can demystify and break this business down to its' simple and basic elements. At the same time he helps you to see, in an objective manner, where you have a real chance of fitting into that picture. He has been my life coach and acting coach since 2005. He recommended Deborah Lopez to do my photos. I consider him an honest and good friend whose advice can be trusted.



  Katherine Ryan, a Commercial Agent at Don Buchwald and Associates, recommended that I take an intensive on-camera commercial audition/acting class with Brooke Thomas and Mary Egan. Prior to that I'd been to my first on-camera commercial audition prior to signing with Buchwald. I was so bad I embarrassed myself. On-camera commercial auditions are the most difficult because there is so little time to prepare and even less time to perform. The intensive class, like my other professional contacts, did much to demystify the process of the on-camera commercial audition and break it down to its' essential elements. Their class is fun, concise, relevant, and well worth the investment. Within a week of completing this class, I booked my first national spot as a Principal Actor in Norway. That job led to a second trip there to make a personal appearance on behalf of the client. Brooke Thomas and Mary Egan are two of the most respected and trusted people in the entertainment industry. To this day I make note of their advice. They are also good people and I count them as friends.




  Actors Connection is a networking/educational facility in New York that is dedicated to offering actors an opportunity to hone and develop their skills. The agents, managers, casting directors, casting associates, photographers, and other industry professionals that are brought in do much to provide invaluable insight into what they look for when deciding to sign someone as a client or book someone for work. Their feedback to the actors' work product is relevant and honest. The feedback one receives is from successful industry professionals currently active in television drama, sitcom. voiceover, feature film, on-camera commercial, print, and theatre. It was here that I had registered for an all-day on-camera commercial seminar. One of the agents brought in (there were eight in all) was Michael Raymen of Don Buchwald and Associates commercial division. After seeing my work he invited me to his office where I met with Katherine Ryan and David Elliot, also of Buchwald's commercial division. When I left I was signed as one of the clients. I continue to utilize the services of Actors Connection and I highly recommend it to others. 




  Big Break NY is yet another industry resource networking center that I highly recommend. It is where I first met and consulted with William Caleo of Action Advisor whose advice to actors is substantial. It was here that I first met with the kind of constructive criticism that agents and casting directors offer to those, like me, who needed to sharpen their game plan for breaking into the business. Simply put, BigBreakNY is a cost efficient resource for those seeking a professional life in the entertainment industry where honest critiquing will surely assist one with their approach to the performing arts.




ABC Pictures supplies High-quality, low-cost publicity prints for models, actors, entertainers, and photographers.

  All performing artists are in need of head shots, post cards, print drop offs, business cards, and composites. The people at ABC Pictures make up the resource that I have utilized in my work. They offer various degrees of  weights, textures, borders, and finishes. Being a blue collar kind of guy, I find their pricing very fair. I think you'll find the quality of their work product quite satisfactory. They are a bunch of very friendly people who will do what they can to accommodate your needs. Tell them I said "hello" should you ever call them. They're good people. And, no, I will not receive a discount if you do!





dba  I am currently under contract with Don Buchwald & Associates as a client with the Commercial Division. My agent there is Michael Raymen and he is the main contact for my services. In his absence, David Elliot or Katherine Ryan, also of the Commercial Division, can assist you. I met Michael at a seminar for commercial cold copy work hosted by Actors Connection. A week later he brought me in to meet David and Katherine and I signed with their agency that day. Don Buchwald & Associates (DBA) is a full service talent agency with offices in LA and NY and is a leading force in the entertainment industry.





  This is where I am listed on the Internet Movie Database. This has proven to be the most inclusive site featuring the work of everyone that has been involved with film making dating back to the late 1890's.  It is an excellent cross referencing resource for those who want to verify work that people are credited with. I highly recommend registration with the Internet Movie Database. It's a great way to let as many people as possible know what work you've done.





  No other professional performing arts entity influenced me more than that of Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island. I first became associated with Trinity in 1978 when I began studying at what was then the Trinity Rep Conservatory. At that time it was a two year unaccredited theatre program that combined ones working apprenticeship under the auspices of Trinity Repertory Theatre along with the daily intensive study of all aspects of professional theatre at the studios of the Conservatory. Most of my work there, to varying degrees, related to the labor intensive work involving all aspects of the inner workings of a Regional AEA LORT theatre such as rough carpentry for set building, painting, props management, ushering, etc. The Conservatory provided me with intensive exposure to acting, directing, music, dance, mime, stage fighting, gymnastics, play writing, set design, lighting design, makeup, and voice/dialects. I will always be grateful for the opportunity Adrian Hall, Trinity's first Artistic Director, gave me when he cast me in Dead Souls. The guidance I received from the Conservatory's Director, Larry Arrick  and Assistant Director David Elliot cannot be measured. They exposed me to some of the best and brightest creative artists from New York and Providence daily. Those under whose tutelage I studied are listed under the "Training" portion of my resume'.  Many of the members of the ensemble back then are still there today and I would be quite challenged to convey how much I learned from each of them. Simply put, Trinity Rep is a leading force in the American Theatrical landscape and I urge everyone to support it and its' programs. 




  Reproductions is a printing and photo lab located in both LA and NY that is dedicated to offering performing artists the highest quality in printing and photo needs. They also provide and comprehensive listing of photographers based in LA and NY that specialize in the particular needs of performing artists in the entertainment industry. Also provided are samplings of each photographer's work product. For those who are not sure of whom to turn for their photo needs, this site provides an excellent cross section of the best photographers in the business.





Actor Casting Call Information

  For those just starting out in this business, the Ross Reports is an excellent tool in tracking who is working in what talent agency, where the new location of an established agency is, what new agencies have been founded, which ones are retired, or what a particular agency may or may not specialize in. This periodical can keep you up to date on an agency's contact information. Talent agencies from all over the country are listed here.




Henderson Enterprises: Actor Support Services - Home

  Henderson Enterprises, founded by Sue Henderson, is yet another support service for actors that someone interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts can benefit from. Her experience is immeasurable and it shows in the publications she produces and the services she provides. I would say she is one of the best guideposts one could rely upon in the entertainment industry. I believe her most helpful publication is the Casting Directors Guide. This will help you keep track of updated information of casting directors, what casting assistants are working for them, and what projects they're associated with along with any contact information. If you call to talk to her, please tell her I said "hello". She's a great person and will offer you honest and genuine information that will help you work your way through this business.




  CP Casting is the Boston casting agency that managed the casting of small roles for local actors in Showtime's first season of "Brotherhood" and then Warner Brothers' "The Departed". Carolyn Pickman is the primary casting director there. If it wasn't for her, I would never have had the opportunity to audition in front of Martin Scorsese for the role of Providence Gangster #1 in "The Departed". I will always be grateful for that. CP Casting offers are wide range of classes for those who want to hone their skills for on-camera auditioning, on-camera acting, film/TV scene study, feature film acting, and creative dramatics. I have taken her some of her courses and I can vouch for their authenticity. CP Casting is an excellent local resource for those are looking to break into the entertainment industry as well as those who want to keep their skills sharp to sustain whatever successes they've realized. She has been heavily relied upon for many years by the mammoth production houses in NY and LA that seek out local actors in the New England area. One look at CP's credits over the years will tell you all you need to know.




  LDI Casting is the only casting agency in Rhode Island. The casting director there is Anne Mulhall. She has established herself as the point of contact for major film makers looking to make Rhode Island the backdrop for their projects. Her credits speak for themselves. I would urge anyone in the Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts area to contact LDI Casting and place themselves on the mailing list in order to further their chances to work on a project LDI Casting is involved with. I was cast in "Jesus, Mary, and Joey", Showtime's second season of "Brotherhood", and Walt Disney's "Underdog" through LDI Casting.




  GSE is a national sports marketing company founded by and run by Billy "V" Vigeant. His company is based in RI but his business is national. GSE is involved with fundraising for any organizations. His efforts are centered around the marketing of those in the Sports and Entertainment industries and tailoring their appeal to the clients seeking to raise funds. I reached out to GSE when I served as the Honorary Chair Person for the Make A Wish Foundation of Rhode Island in 2007. GSE's efforts were phenomenal in assisting me raise funds for Make A Wish as well as drawing the much needed attention to those children with life threatening diseases and illnesses. His commitment to a client in unwavering and his organization is as efficient as one would expect.




  I was asked in 2007 to serve as the Honorary Chairperson for the Make A Wish Foundation of Rhode Island. Its' mission is to provide financial assistance to the families of children who suffer from life-threatening medical conditions in order that the child can enjoy an enhanced quality of life with his/her family via the granting of the child's wish.  In 2007 Make A Wish RI raised more money than another other local chapter in the country. At the black tie gala event I was made an ambassador for life. I continue to work for this organization in any way I can to help them realize their mission and I am proud to do so.




Marty McCorkle

  Marty McCorkle is one of this country's leading visionary artists. His work truly inspires one to look around, look deep within, and think. I have never seen work like this.Upon seeing his work exhibited at Gallery Z in Providence, Rhode Island, I instantly stopped and could stop looking. I kept revisiting the piece until I made an inquiry. I later commissioned him to do some work for me and what he produced was quite invigorating. His work defies definition and escapes being typed as it is like nothing you've ever experienced. I predict this man will be quite busy as his work receives more exposure. I believe major clients will be seeking out his services and will be quite pleased with the outcome.





  Berge Ara Zobian has been a friend of mine for more than 30 years. He is a professional photographer who has ushered a bevy of artists from around the world into his Gallery Z on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. The exhibits there are as captivating and diverse as one can imagine. One never know what to expect from this gallery.  His exhibits feature a mosaic of creativity. They embrace you as your senses absorb what his clients have to offer. His influence is evidenced by the fact that three other art galleries have followed his lead into Federal Hill and have added to the ambiance of one of the finest tourist locations on the east coast. 






Direct Action Group

  Direct Action Group Tactical Training is a industry resource service for film makers seeking out someone who can provide authentic law enforcement presence to any industry backdrop. It's founder and president, Frank Moody, is a veteran tactical police officer with over 25 years experience with the Providence Police Department in Providence, Rhode Island. His street and legal administrative experience is second to none. He knows and understands the inner workings of police departments, their activities, their mistakes, and their triumphs. Most importantly, he knows how to convey this knowledge and training to film makers who require authenticity in telling their respective stories.  Most of his employees are active or recently retired police officers who are trained in the use of the specialized equipment unique to law enforcement activities.






Special Thanks:

    I want to thank David Arruda for the remarkable job he's done in designing and building this web site. I met David in the Winter of 2007. He had seen my work and wanted to know if I had a web site dedicated to projects I'd been involved with. I told him I hadn't. He offered to reserve a domain and design/build a web site for me if I consented. From that moment on he worked with me to bring about the results you see. This web site is his work product. I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for his vision, artistry, patience, and dedication. I consider him a truly gifted professional whose understanding of the artist's language has enabled him to broaden his understanding of the work product of creative performers. He is a good friend and I am proud to count him as a resource service whose work product is highly appreciated and first rate. I highly recommend him to others interested in gaining similar results.
                                                                                                                Armen Garo