Armen Garo



Agent - Don Buchwald & Associates (Michael Raymen)

Hgt 6-2, Wgt. 220 lbs, Hair-Brown, Eyes-Blue


                                                            registered @                                                                     

Current Occupation - Police Lieutenant/Shift Commander

The Sopranos     (Season 6, Episode 13 & 19) Salvatore "Coco" Cogliano HBO Productions/Brad Grey Television
The Departed Providence Gangster #1 Warner Brothers Pictures, Martin Scorsese, Director

Brotherhood       (Season 1, Episode 4)

Police Captain

Blind Decker Productions, Showtime Televisions

The Game Plan Cabbie Walt Disney Studios/Monkey Dance Productions
Underdog (2007) Cat Burglar Police #2

Walt Disney Studious/Have No Fear Productions

Third Watch        (Season 3, Episode 11)

Dan's Friend

NBC Television Productions

Federal Hill Cop

Eagle Beach Productions

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch ll Doctor Artisan
The Demon Murder Case Father Lombino NBC Movie of the Week, Dick Clark Productions

Thirteen Days


New Line Cinema

The Star-Crossed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski Stosh

WGBH Boston, PBS, American Playhouse

No Providence


Brightridge Productions

The Great Whodunit Police Officer WGBH Boston, PBS, Creative Television Associates
Title Shot Goon #2

Eagle Beach Productions

Jesus, Mary, and Joey Drunken Patron

Mr. "P" Productions

AT&T Wireless Dropped Calls ("Butcher") Beef Distributor/Principal BBDP Atlanta/Epoch Films
Cingular Wireless ("Snitch")

Mob Boss/Principal

BBDP Atlanta/Partizan Films
ThermaCare Menstrual Pads ( Herb Lofaro Kirt Gunn @ Associates
Nike ("Maria") Limo Driver/Principal Weiden & Kennedy/Smuggler
Geico ("Alien") Cab Driver/Principal The Martian Agency/RSA Films
ESPN Winter 2006 "X" Games Promotion Janitor/Principal HSI Productions
Extreme Makeover-Narvesen (Norway) Personal Relaxer/Principal Hakon Overas-Producer
Keep Providence Beautiful (1984 Clio Finalist/PSA) Biker/Principal Duffy & Shanley Ads/Bob McCabe Producer

Dead Souls

Mizhuyev Trinity Square Repertory Company
Henry IV


The Rhode Island Shakespeare Company
The Taming of the Shrew Curtis The Rhode Island Shakespeare Company

The Saint of Bleeker Street


The Providence Opera Company

The Man of La Mancha

Pedro Berkshire Repertory Company
Bent Greta Second Story Theatre
American Buffalo Don Studio "B" Productions



Providence Public Theatre
Mame Ralph Devine/chorus Keene Summer Theatre
Sweet Charity Charlie/chorus Keen Summer Theatre


Trinity Rep Conservatory: Providence, RI

Acting - Larry Arrick, Suzanne Shepherd, Fred Kareman, Richard Jenkins, George Martin

Mime - Michael Grando; Stage Fighting - Bill Patton

Dance - Daniel Nagrin, Irene Feigenheimer, Ara Fitzgerald, Mark Taylor

Voice/Dialects - Barbara Damashek, Gordon Jacoby, Brian McEleney


                                                                                        SPECIAL SKILLS

New England Heavyweight Professional Kickboxing Champion (1978-'83)

New England Karate Breaking Champion (hands, head, feet); Stage Fighting